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Ortho-K and Dry Eye: Managing Symptoms and Ensuring Comfort During Lens Wear

Dry Eye is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It occurs when the eyes do not produce enough tears or when the tears evaporate too quickly, resulting in discomfort, redness, and irritation. For individuals who wear contact lenses, dry eye can pose additional challenges and make lens wear uncomfortable. However, there is a potential solution called Ortho-K that can help manage dry eye symptoms during lens wear.

Vision Screening vs. Comprehensive Eye Exams: What's The Difference?

Both are crucial in maintaining our vision health but serve different purposes. Understanding what each involves and how they differ can help you make informed decisions about your vision health.

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Acuvue Abiliti Lenses

Acuvue, a leading brand in the contact lens industry, has always strived to deliver the best for its users. Their commitment to enhancing the quality of life of those who need vision correction is evident in their array of products.

What Is Orthokeratology (Ortho-K), and How Does It Work?

Orthokeratology has grown in popularity in the past few decades, especially with its use for myopia control. Ortho-k lenses came into wide use after the FDA approved their nighttime use three decades ago. Today, ortho-k is used by children who have just developed myopia to mitigate the condition's progression. However, many people still need to learn what ortho-k is and how it works to improve vision.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Orthokeratology?

Do you ever wish you could stop wearing your prescription glasses? Do you want better eyesight without getting an operation on your eyes?

Which Contact Lenses Do I Need?

Contact lenses have come a long way. These days, you can get daily disposable lenses or change the color of your eyes. Contact lenses continue to be a practical and nearly inconspicuous solution for those with vision issues. Thin plastic lenses fit over your cornea, the front, transparent portion of your eye, to correct various visual problems. You can still wear contacts even if you require bifocals for your presbyopia.

At What Age Should My Child Have Their First Eye Exam?

Unfortunately, children can develop various eye conditions, negatively affecting their lives. As a parent, you want to get your little ones off to the best start in every way, including their eye health. Young kids tend to be visual learners. Do you know when to have your child's eyes checked? If not, you are not alone. According to eye care professionals, it is best to start early.

What Are the Different Dry Eye Treatment Options?

Having dry eyes can be extremely uncomfortable. Many people run for over-the-counter eye drops or artificial tears to give them relief. However, the best treatment is to focus on reversing the condition. To do this, you will need to know the underlying cause of your dry eyes.

Benefits of Ortho-k Lenses for Myopia Treatment

Orthokeratology or corneal refractive therapy aims to lessen the symptoms of myopia. Wearing corrective lenses to slow down the progression of myopia may sound like a fairy tale, but it is a reality. The idea of ortho-k lenses is also not new. That said, ortho-k lenses are just beginning to make advances. Some of their benefits include:

What Is Myopia?

It’s not a word that most people use every day, but myopia is becoming an increasingly more common condition. Myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness, is the inability to see objects clearly at a distance.

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