Knowing When to Come in For an Eye Emergency

Knowing When to Come in For an Eye Emergency

Knowing When to Come in For an Eye Emergency

Knowing When to Come in For an Eye Emergency

Knowing When to Come in For an Eye Emergency

Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time. They can also affect any part of the body, including the eyes. Some eye emergencies can be resolved fairly easily, while others are more serious and require urgent professional attention in order to preserve your vision and prevent any (further) sight loss.


Here are a number of eye emergencies that require the immediate attention of a trained and experienced eye doctor.


Severe Eye Pain

Everyone gets achy, sore, and irritated eyes from time to time. However, if you are experiencing significant eye pain, especially if it doesn’t go away quite quickly, it’s imperative that you go and see your eye doctor as soon as possible. Severe eye pain can accompany some eye conditions that require urgent medical treatment, including closed-angle glaucoma and a detached retina, both of which can cause permanent vision loss.


Traumatic Injury

Many eye emergencies are caused by accidental injury to the eye. This can be the eye coming into contact with a blunt or sharp force, such as a fist or a pair of scissors. Either blunt or sharp force can cause irreparable damage to your eyes and vision and it’s essential that you get professional help right away. Don’t be tempted to pull anything out of your eye that is stuck in there as this could make any damage worse. Instead, cover your injured eye and get to your eye doctor right away.


Chemical Burns

Chemical burns sound serious and that’s because they really can be. They are also one of the most common injuries sustained to the eyes. Chemical burns occur when chemicals come into contact with your eye directly – such as accidentally spraying bleach into your eye – or indirectly, by transferring chemicals to your eyes on your hands. If you get chemicals in your eye, you need to rinse them out immediately, before you even think about contacting your emergency eye doctor. This is because it’s essential to get the chemical out as quickly as possible to make sure that there is no long-term damage to your vision. Rinse your eye with fresh, warm running water for at least 15 minutes before seeking medical help.


Sudden Vision Changes

Most people find that their eyesight and vision remain fairly consistent. However, if you notice sudden changes to them, it could indicate that you have an underlying eye problem that is potentially quite serious. That’s because sudden vision changes are often caused by retinal or corneal defects that can cause permanent vision loss if left untreated. Examples include retinal detachment, corneal infection, and acute angle glaucoma.


General Symptoms of Eye Emergencies

Eye experts agree that if you experience any of the following, you should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as you can. Explain your symptoms over the phone so that they can determine whether it’s an emergency that requires immediate attention, or you need a prompt general appointment with your eye doctor.


  • Sensitivity to light

  • Severe itching

  • Redness

  • Eyes burning or stinging

  • Severe headaches and feelings of pressure inside the head

  • Decreased or double vision

  • Discharge from the eye

  • Bruising or bleeding from or around the eyes

  • One eye not moving like another

  • Changes or loss of vision



For more advice on knowing when to come in for an eye emergency, please contact our experienced and dedicated team at True Vision Optometry in Montebello, California at (323) 403-4116.

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